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Demolition Services in Milford PA Can be a tough item to purchase. Who can you trust? How do you know you will get a good job and get a good price too? Trust All American Rubbish and Maintenance to get your demolition job done on time and in the budget. Speak with Greg Swenson the owner. Estimates are free, our service is excellent and we have lots of 5-star reviews.

Residential Demolition Contractors Milford PA

All-American and maintenance provides residential demolition services to Staten Island. Many people we find or nervous when it comes to demo work especially about the cost. Many people want to know upfront how much could it cost to demolish and remove the rubbish from a 1500 square-foot home. There’s a lot of factors that come into place but on average it can run anywhere from $5000 to $20,000 maybe even more if there’s asbestos or other environmental issues. And of course in Staten Island you always have all the permitting and other regulatory requirements before work can be done. This includes things such as rodent extermination, getting the gas turned off, turning off the water, removing oil tanks if there are any etc. etc. All American is experienced and professional and we have yet to meet anyone made of money so rest assured that we look at all factors in do our best with a sharpened pencil to make sure you get the best price for the work being done.

Commercial Demolition Contractor Milford PA

Commercial demolition services in Milford, Pike County PA should only be undertaken by experienced professionals. When you hire All-American know that you are getting an extremely experienced owner as well as job crew. We make sure that the job site is properly secured, everything is done according to code, we make sure there are no issues with the demolition of your building. We also make sure that all the rubbish is removed and that the job site is left clean and tidy and ready for work to commence.


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