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Basement finishing and remodeling is a huge undertaking. You have to do adequate due diligence before carrying out the project. If not, you may end up doing it all wrong, and who has the time or the money for a redo?

There are so many things involved in renovations, and we want to help you understand all of it before you start the process.

  • You need permits
    Finishing up a basement may involve cutting into walls or any structural beams for that matter, altering certain areas, and installing HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems.
    According to building codes, you need a permit to undertake such changes. So, make sure to acquire all the requirements.
  • You need to deal with moisture and water damage
    The main concern for renovating a basement space is the aspect of water and moisture damage. Before starting the renovation, make sure you deal with any mold problems and moisture issues.
    Failure to waterproof your basement can cost quite a lot of damages and expensive repairs in the future. So, make sure your basement walls and flooring are all waterproofed and well insulated.
  • Cater for lighting
    To make it more livable and an extension of your home, your basement will need a little bit of natural lighting as well as artificial lighting.
    You can work with a contractor or a design team to help create the needed ambiance for this space.
  • Lastly, express your style
    This is the best part about finishing this space. You have a blank canvas, and you can design it however you want. Whether your style is rustic, vintage, or you enjoy the clean lines of modern aesthetics, you can do it all.

To pull all these together, you need to partner with a knowledgeable contractor.

Choose All American Rubbish and Maintenance to Handle your Basement Renovation Needs

We handle debris cleanup and demolition, in addition to high-quality renovation services. As general contractors, we specialize in:

  • Basement renovations
  • Custom home renovations, home construction
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Attic renovations
  • Store renovations
  • And much more

Our goal is to ensure our clients in New York and Pennsylvania areas receive all the quality services they deserve.